Sunday, March 11, 2018

Wrestling With The Interwebs

Hey gang. I've been in the internet trenches. I've decided I'd like to consolidate everything about me into one place on the web. My portfolio, podcast, youtube, blog stuff, etc.
I've been working at getting a blog set up on my domain and boy I am rusty at web stuff. I remember now why I steered away from that path a number of years back.

I've been battling with wonky themes in wordpress, trying to wrap my head around RSS feeds and setting up my blog to run my podcast feed. I assumed, wrongly, that it would be a simple thing to do to post my podcast audio on WordPress and have iTunes pick it up.

Every platform out there wants money from you. Typically in the form of a monthly subscription and as I'm doing this on the cheap, that's not very good. I haven't yet puzzled out if I can do all this for free or not. I think I may not be able to.

Bottom line is, the thing I thought would be simple has ballooned into a three headed monster that threatens to eat all my time, money and patience!!

And I forge ahead. :)

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